About The FIT Movement

What is the FIT Movement?

The “FIT” in the FIT Movement stands for “Female Integrated Training.”

The “Movement” bit? Well, first of all we consider that everyone should get more daily movement into their lives. But also, because we believe that we’re onto something here. We’re creating a movement of women who recognise the value in looking after their health + wellbeing, + enjoy being part of an encouraging, likeminded + supportive community of other women (however you choose to spend time with us). While we may have a complete range of fitness levels, we’re all on the same journey as you.

Our purpose is to help women to get curious about their health + learn how to look after their bodies (after all, it’s the only one you’ve got!) through education, better movement + good nutrition. You shouldn’t have to wait until you feel like “urgh” first or for something to be wrong before you do something. Good exercise + nutrition isn’t just rehabilitative, it should be thought of as preventative as well. Oh, did we mention it can be fun too?

We’re a body-positive company. We’re not trying to shoehorn you into a particular shape or size. We want to help you to feel great about yourself and become the best version of YOU.

The FIT Movement takes a whole-body approach to helping you achieve your goals. Each of our programs is based upon 4 integrated elements: Flex, Move, Nourish + Restore.

  • Flex – you need to spend some time releasing what is tight in the body first in order to get the most out of your exercise program.
  • Move – movement is good not just for the body but also the soul.
  • Nourish – you need to love your body from the inside out. Incorporating more natural whole foods into your day will help provide the sustenance you need not only to fuel you, but also to help protect against life’s knocks.
  • Restore – we believe that taking care of yourself also means taking time for recovery. Getting into your best shape does not require you to pound yourself daily in the gym.

We believe that our programs have the power to be transformative and to enhance your life wherever you are right now.

We hope that you’ll join us!

P.S. If you’re looking for our Mission Statement it’s simply this: To empower women to transform their bodies by reaching their full health + wellness potential with positivity + encouragement for lifelong results.