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Designed by women for women, The FIT Movement takes a whole-body approach to support you whatever your life stage, body shape or starting point. This is not only to get you feeling fitter + happier, but also empowered to take control of your fitness + wellbeing for long term results.

Whether you’re pregnant, already had your baby (no matter how long ago!) or needing support as you enter perimenopause or menopause – you’re not alone.

We specialise in helping women just like you + we’re here for you every step of the way.

"Training with Wendy from Day One has made a difference to my whole mindset and I started seeing results within a week. Wendy's knowledge and passion for women's fitness is up to the minute and her common sense and informed approach is a breath of fresh air in the minefield of conflicting advice and 'quick fixes' currently our there."


What is the FIT Movement?

The FIT Movement stands for “Female Integrated Training.”

We like to think of it as body engineering for women.

We’ve developed each of our programs based upon four integrated elements for a healthy foundation specifically tailored to you: Flex, Move, Nourish + Restore. Read more here

"I had been thinking for a while about doing some exercise and as soon as I met Wendy I knew straight away she was the right person to help me. She is so inspirational and pushes you without you realising it. She ensures you do the exercises correctly and at the correct level for your fitness and I have never regretted this decision. ..I feel healthier and stronger, and my lower back problem has been helped thanks to this training. Don't hesitate, you will be amazed!"


The art of the possible...

Feel good doing something for yourself alongside other women in a welcoming + friendly environment where your willingness to give it your best effort is much more important than your current fitness levels. Learn to work with your body, not against it.

Within a few short weeks, you’ll already be feeling fitter, stronger + happier and achieving more than you thought possible. And we’ll be there cheering you on!!