Hi! I’m Wendy – Founder + Director of The FIT Movement.

I’m really pleased that you’ve found us!

Are you looking for a woman’s wellness + exercise specialist who:
  • Gets where you are right now
  • Goes the extra mile to ensure you keep on track
  • Believes that YOU can undoubtedly improve YOUR health, wellness + happiness through exercise + nutrition
  • Plus, keeps it fun + informative along the way?

Here’s My Story

It might surprise you to hear that I haven’t always been into fitness. At school when the opportunity came to drop P.E. for double maths, I took it (yes – maths over PE) + from that time I didn’t do much regular exercise until I hit my 30s. Even then I was faddy with exercise…one half marathon + a marathon to be precise but nothing on a regular basis.

Like many women, work + family life came first (but mainly work). Alongside that came poor eating habits + stress. In the end, I just let myself go. I was about to hit 40 + although I tended to walk or cycle everywhere, I lacked energy + I felt like rubbish on the inside. Weight gain, permanent bloating + regular headaches, were all signs my body wasn’t happy.

After taking redundancy from my job + with time on my hands, I decided that it was time to change my lifestyle + start working on my fitness. I made a plan to run Marathon des Sables in Morocco for my 40th – all 156 miles! Yes, some friends + family did think I’d gone mad, but you need to shoot big + high in life every once in a while.

It worked! My new found positive attitude lead to a new job + a new found focus on my fitness. After 11 months training to fit around work, I surprised myself + finished 4th woman in my age group – Not bad for a girl that hated P.E!

Once I was back to working my day job as a lawyer, it was hard to find the same motivation. Even though my colleagues were great, nothing was quite the same as the inspiration I received from my personal trainer for Marathon des Sables –  my trainer who not only trained me well, but also instilled complete confidence in my abilities even in the times I doubted myself. Right then, I knew that I wanted to help other women in the same way that I’d been helped.

Fast forward a year + I became pregnant. This was the catalyst to making taking care of myself a lifelong priority. I trained through my pregnancy + when my son arrived, it seemed like the perfect moment to take that leap + switch careers.

I became a personal trainer +, as cheesy as it sounds, you could say I found my vocation. As someone who is a busy mum juggling family life + work I know how to help you make small, regular changes that make leading a healthier, fitter lifestyle more easy to follow.

I have been a lacto-vegetarian (i.e. dairy) since the age of 12 (umm, some time ago now!), and since the birth of my son have transitioned to a plant-based diet. I consider that we should all be free to choose the diet that works best for us, but at the same time everyone could benefit from getting a few more fruit + veggies in as part of their daily nutrition.

I have a personal interest + passion for keeping my education up-to-date, which  translates into the way I’m able to help each individual I work alongside. For me there is no greater reward than seeing my clients develop their health + fitness + gain confidence in their own abilities.

That’s my story!

Get in touch if you think its time to re-write your lifestyle + join The FIT Movement.

The Official Bit

My qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise
  • Modern Post Natal Assessment + Exercise Prescription
  • 3rd Age Woman Instructor (Specialist Wellness Coach for “Perimenopausal + Beyond” Females)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Leader in Running Fitness (England Athletics)
  • Suspended Movement Instructor
  • Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Instructor
  • Circuit Training + Kettlebells
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Fully insured