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21 Day Fit & Lean Challenge – The Results Are In!

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The results are in for our successful fat loss and fitness program. The 21 day Fit Lean Challenge. It is specifically designed for busy women wishing to get fitter and lose weight. Wendy Goldthorp is a women's health and wellness specialist based in Devon.

Update: The 21 Day Fit & Lean Challenge officially finished yesterday and we had some amazing results. Well done to everyone that took part in this diet bootcamp – you should be really proud of yourselves for the effort and commitment you’ve shown over these past 3 weeks!!

Following our proven fat loss exercise program and natural eating formula (note: NO faddy / crazy diets or meal replacement sachets here!), participants lost between 1.6lb-4lb each week – with up to 1/2 stone lost in total over the 3 weeks (imagine how that would feel!)*

Participants joined the Challenge seeking to lose weight, to be able to fit back into clothes that had got a bit snug, and to kick start their exercise – some hadn’t exercised for a while.

Here’s what they had to say…

Q: What results have you achieved since starting the Challenge?

“Weight loss and feeling fitter.”

“I’ve regained my love of working out and it’s made me more aware of my eating patterns and portion sizes (i.e. too big).”

Q: Anything else?

“I really enjoyed it all – the variety of exercises each day, recipe ideas to kick start eating better and the “behind the scenes” support (Facebook group and emails).”

“It didn’t feel like it was exercise and away from the sessions I felt supported.”

“I really enjoyed the program. A real mix of things.”

“I loved the food / recipe part of the Challenge as it gives you an immediate focus without you having to spend too much time meal planning as it’s all there.”

Q: What would you say to someone sitting on the fence about joining the Challenge?

“Do it! It is a well-rounded program that not only focuses on fitness, but nutrition as well. Very motivating.”

“Do it! Wendy not only coaches you through the exercises, but also the food side of things and more.”


** If you’d like to be the next success story, contact me to find out how WGFitness can help you. **


Who we work with

It doesn’t matter about where you are now or your current fitness levels, but if you are:

  • Serious about doing something about your health
  • Willing to give The FIT Movement your time to feel the best you’ve ever felt
  • Ready to work hard to get into shape
  • Prepared to be held accountable, because you realise that you also need to take some responsibility for your wellbeing

      … All with the full support, guidance, motivation and accountability of an expert personal trainer

then, please get in touch to discuss which program may be best for you and to book your complimentary consultation today.

* Note: fat loss results will vary between individuals, dependent on a number of factors, such as age, starting point and adherence to the program, but you can expect to lose up to 10lb on the 21 Day Fit & Lean Challenge.

Wendy Goldthorp is a women’s health and wellness specialist based in Teignmouth, South Devon. She uses a habit-based approach to coach clients to improved health for long-term results. Please contact her if you are interested in signing up for one of her classes.

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