FIT | Core + Pelvic Floor Program


I’ve created the FIT Core + Pelvic Floor Program for women, who are:

  • Experiencing some form of pelvic floor dysfunction (sneeze wees, urge incontinence and prolapse)
  • Living with pelvic pain – either in hips, lower back or groin
  • Pregnant and want to enjoy the next 9 months with less aches and pains and prepare their pelvis for birth.

Combining education with a range of muscle release + strengthening “full-body” exercises (knowledge plus action = power!) , during the course of the FIT Core + Pelvic Floor Program, you will experience improved function. Most importantly, we’ll begin working towards getting you back into the exercise you once really enjoyed, such as running or trampolining in the back garden with the kids.

(If you’re looking for a specialised postnatal recovery course, then I’ve got that for you just here!)

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for women of all ages + is suitable for you if:

  • You’re pregnant + want to reduce those usual aches and pains associated with pregnancy as your bump grows, have experienced a few leaks of urine due to the increased pressure on your pelvic floor + want to  improve the suppleness + tautness of your pelvic floor muscles too so that you can increase the likelihood of a vaginal delivery.
  • You’ve birthed your baby (no matter how long ago) + want to improve your back, hip + shoulder aches + pains to improve your core + pelvic floor connection
  • You experience stress incontinence, such as sneezy pees, leak a little when laughing or running, or experience escaping wind at often the most embarrassing times + want to be confident about social situations + stop avoiding the kids’ trampoline
  • You have prolapse and want a safe pelvic floor program to follow that will lessen your symptoms of your prolapse so that you can lift + carry safely
  • If you’ve been sedentary or spent most of your life seated (e.g at a desk, in the car or on the sofa), then your pelvic floor muscles are probably passively shortened and tight to some degree. If that’s the case, you’ll be wishing to release + restore them
  • Are fed up of doing “squeeze + release” type exercises for years, are not sure if you’re even doing them properly + either not seen results, or seen no further improvement beyond a certain level

So my question to you…

Are you willing to try a modern, full-body approach to improve your pelvic floor function and bring about some changes not only in your body, but also in your lifestyle to amplify your results?

Praise for the FIT Core + Pelvic Floor Program

You can find out what results other women have achieved with the FIT Core + Pelvic Floor Program below.

"I have suffered with urge incontinence for many years and, having had no success with the treatment I had been recommended by my doctor, thought there was no hope for improvement. I always had to wear pads and deliberately didn’t drink much fluid during the day. At night I would worry that I may not make it to the bathroom in time. It stopped me doing the things that I enjoy and it was really getting me down. I am quite a shy person but Wendy put me completely at ease and I feel like I can discuss anything with her. I was sceptical at first as I had tried various methods in the past, but after several weeks I really noticed the difference. Her technique differed to what I had previously been shown and I am amazed at the improvement - it really works and it is so easy to do! I no longer need to wear pads in the daytime and have much more control at night. I feel so lucky to have met Wendy - she has made a huge difference to my life and I cannot thank her enough."

SarahMum to 2 adult children

"I was experiencing urge incontinence 19 months on from delivering my child, and was irritated and inconvenienced by it when I wanted to spend a day out with my toddler. I began with no expectations except that it would be more than advising Kegel exercises! Without much prior knowledge, I felt I understood how attending to posture and completing the exercises regularly would help me reach my goal. Wendy tailored [the course] to my specific situation and lifestyle, which was really helpful, and the exercises can be done by anyone. I have definitely found that a mixture of the advice provided and the exercises have helped me to manage and pretty much eliminate the problem. I didn't expect to see results so quickly! Of course I could only refer to my experience of this specific course, but Wendy has been a brilliant instructor."

ClaireMum to a 19-month old toddler

I joined Wendy's course as I was experiencing a very bulging posterior prolapse.

I found the course really useful. I have stopped doing pelvic floor "squeeze + release" exercises as I was doing them wrong and making my prolapse worse...Following the course, my prolapse is now not bulging at all - it has shrunk back significantly.

I enjoyed learning about the tiny adjustments I could make to help my condition, as well as meeting other women with the same condition.

The education materials were very useful and I will definitely use them to look back on. They were beyond anything I was expecting to receive.

Wendy was enthusiastic, passionate and made us feel like she had as much time as we needed in each session to get the most out of it. She always followed up with us each week between sessions to see how we were doing.

If you are considering joining the course, it was worth every penny.

RuthExperienced a very bulging posterior prolapse post-birth, which has now reduced significantly

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How is the FIT Core + Pelvic Floor Program different?

Well, for a start, “traditional” pelvic floor exercises require you to either sit or lie still + focus on doing “squeeze + release, squeeze + release” exercises repeatedly.

Sound familiar?

While these exercises have their place, it’s not how you + I spend most of our daily lives. Simply looking to “spot reduce” pelvic floor dysfunction by focusing on “squeeze + release” exercises alone does not work for the long-term. [If you’re looking for a class that has you doing exactly that for 60 minutes each week – just writing this is making my eyes water – then this class isn’t going to be for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a different approach, my friend, read on…]

Most pelvic floor dysfunction is caused by overly tight pelvic floor muscles.

So further strengthening your already overly tightened pelvic floor muscles isn’t going to solve the issue.

Likewise, the pelvic floor does not exist in splendid isolation. Everything in the body is connected.

So, can you see how “squeeze and release” methods can be a problem?

The FIT Core + Pelvic Floor program is truly innovative and has been created to help women discover a holistic way to care for their ongoing core + pelvic floor health by providing a whole-body solution:

  • It helps release those tight muscles – not just in your core + pelvic floor – so that you can experience improved function
  • We’ll work on improving your core function, as well as getting your pelvis better aligned with everything that’s going on both above and below it
  • We’ll consider ways to incorporate better nutrition + daily habits into your lifestyle to nurture your core + pelvic floor for even deeper restoration
  • Plus you get me and as your wingwoman to support + encourage you, alongside other women who’ll be going through the program with you.

Believe me, pretty much any woman can experience improvements to her abdominal + pelvic health if she’s prepared to make it a priority to see results over time.

The next program runs Tuesday 4 June to Tuesday 16 July inclusive.

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What’s involved?

We’ll meet as a small group once a week for a 60-minute class, which will bring together both education and practical teaching exercises.

The class will be conducted barefoot.

Please wear either shorts or comfortable tracksuit bottoms so that I can see how you’re aligned. A T-shirt on top is fine.

You’ll be given guidance notes and exercise sheet each week for you to then practise what you’ve learnt at home.

To ensure the best results for you, you’ll be expected to allow 10-15 minutes every day for the exercises, which can be incorporated into your day-to-day life. Most importantly, this isn’t a “do for 6 weeks and then forget about it” kind of program – you may need to consider adjusting certain aspects of your lifestyle. These can be introduced incrementally until they become your new habits. The reward? Not only will you alleviate your pelvic floor problems, but you’ll also experience a lesser incidence of back pain, knee pain and foot pain as well. Plus, this is the education lasts a life time.

How do I sign up?

To reserve your spot, please click the button below to join. As with all specialised classes I offer, numbers are capped. Maximum class size is 6.

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll be directed to the online pre-screening health questionnaire to complete to ensure that this program is right for you. This must be submitted before you attend your first class.

I will then confirm your space by email, and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss by phone your online pre-screening questionnaire responses so that I can tailor the class to your specific needs.

Please note: This program is suitable for the conservative management of abdominal separation + pelvic floor dysfunction. Therefore, if I do not consider that this program is a good fit for you, I will explain my reasons and provide you with a full refund. I will also provide you details of a specialist Women’s Health Professional, such as a physiotherapist, who can provide you with appropriate medical advice.

The next program runs Tuesday 23 April to Tuesday 21 May inclusive. At this is a 5-week half-term, instead of the usual 6, I have extended each session to run from 7.30pm-8.45pm.

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Is this service right for me?

Need some help to decide if this program is right for you? Schedule your complimentary 15-minute call.

Class Details

Venue: The Barefoot Physio Clinic, 15 Bartholomew Street East, Exeter EX4 3BG

Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm Tuesdays. Starts Tuesday 6 November and finishes Tuesday 11 December 2018.

Can’t make the date? Classes run during term time. Click here so that we can let you know when we’ll be running the next 6-week program.

Remember: each class is capped at 6 people, so please ensure that you reserve your spot in good time.

Got questions? Please contact Wendy at The FIT Movement via the contact button.

Meet Your Instructor

Founder and Director of the FIT Movement, mum of one and always up for a new physical challenge, since 2014 Wendy has dedicated her practice to working with pregnant, postnatal and peri-to-post- menopausal women. The FIT Movement’s purpose is to help women get curious about their health and to learn how to look after their bodies through education, better movement and good nutrition. You can find out more about Wendy here.