FIT | Mamas ‘n’ Buggies Postnatal Exercise Class

Why join the FIT Mamas ’n’ Buggies Postnatal Exercise Class?

We’re here to help clear up the confusion about what exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing in the early weeks + months after baby arrives.

We’re also here to support you as you return to exercise after giving birth.

Fitness can be tricky to manage after pregnancy. Finding time to take care of you once baby arrives is often bumped down the list of priorities.

But no more!

Led by an experienced, fully qualified pre + postnatal instructor, our FIT Mamas ’n’ Buggies Postnatal Exercise Class is a specialised modern postnatal exercise class for mums wishing to exercise safely + effectively for their level of postnatal recovery.

Joining our fun, friendly outdoor class will help you:

  • Enjoy some time in the fresh air with your little one
  • Return to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels
  • Get back into shape (on your terms – no rush)
  • Tone up + strengthen for all the lifting you’re going to be doing as a new mum
  • Perform core exercises safely to re-engage your abdominal + pelvic floor muscles – we’re a “crunch-free” zone!
  • Understand key nutrition for new mums
  • Meet other new mums to make friends so that you’re part of a supportive community

How is the FIT Mamas ’n’ Buggies Postnatal Exercise Class different?

As with everything we create, this is a truly holistic postnatal class to serve new mums in Exeter. It’s based upon The FIT Movement’s 4 integrated elements of flex, move, nourish + restore, which form the foundations of all of our programs.

Before your first class, you’ll be invited to a short telephone consultation so that we get to know you + understand your current post natal needs + concerns.

We’ll also complete a FIT Mama Check at your first class to take a look at your breathing, posture, as well as tummy + pelvic floor. You’ll remain fully clothed for this.

This is an essential component of the program as it allows us to adapt exercises for you + provide further advice.

You’ll also receive a copy of our FIT Mama Post-Baby Nutrition Manual – “real life” nutrition for energy + health.

The FIT Mamas ’n’ Buggies Postnatal Exercise Class includes:

  • Simple release + mobilisation techniques to help you relieve those aches + tension hotspots that you can also practise at home
  • Gentle but effective functional exercises that mirror your everyday movements to get you fitter + stronger for the job of motherhood
  • Protocols that help you develop an optimally integrated + functioning core + pelvic floor
  • Optimal nutrition strategies to aid postnatal recovery + healing to get you “match fit” for motherhood

We also share regular postnatal tips + advice, as well as keep in contact with you via our Facebook group in-between sessions.

Looking for specific help with diastasis healing + pelvic floor? Please click here for further information.

What’s involved?

Each weekly class is 60 minutes and you’ll work at your own pace.

A typical class will include:

  • A gentle, but thorough, warm-up with mobilisation exercises so that you’re ready to exercise
  • A combination of cardio, resistance training + toning exercises for fat burning + to strengthen your body
  • Incorporation of appropriate abdominal + pelvic floor work for those essential muscles (For a specific pelvic floor class, please click here)
  • A thorough cool down to finish

Before coming to class, you may wish to feed baby in case s/he becomes hungry, leaving you able to participate more in the session. Of course, if you need to step away to tend to baby during class, please do.

Please note: Babies remain in their buggies during class, unless you need to see to little one.

Please also refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

How do I sign up?

Classes run during term time in pre-paid blocks of 5-7 weeks, depending on length of half-term. (If you wish to join us part-way through, we can pro-rata how many weeks are left in that particular half-term block. If that’s the case, please let me know here).

You can either sign up to a half-term block at a time, or otherwise sign up to a full term block (receiving one class free).

To reserve your spot, please scroll down below and from the dropdown menu to select the dates you’d like to attend. You’ll then be taken through to the PayPal checkout.

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll be directed to the online pre-screening health questionnaire to complete to ensure that this class is right for you. This must be submitted before you attend the first class. Note: if you have previously submitted your pre-screening health questionnaire, you can skip this part.

I will then confirm your space by email, and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time for your telephone consultation.

The next half-term block runs Tues 5 June – Tues 24 July.

Either select which half term you wish to start, or select the full term (and receive one class on us).

Can’t make the start date? Contact me to see if there are available spaces and, if so, we’ll pro rata your first block of sessions.

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I started the FIT Mamas 'n' Buggies class 8 weeks after having my daughter and having not been able to exercise much during my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure where to start. Wendy was amazing at guiding me through what exercises I could do safely at each stage postnatally and gave really helpful nutrition advice. She’s helped me to achieve my goals, fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and regain my previous fitness levels. I’d definitely recommend Wendy’s classes to anyone.


Really enjoy the Mamas 'n' Buggies class ... It's really good fun. Hard work, but oddly enjoyable! Wendy's encouragement and support are full of enthusiasm and really helpful.


Is this service right for me?

Need some help to decide if this program is right for you? Schedule your complimentary 15-minute appointment.

Class Details

Classes run during term time and take place 9.15am-10.15am Tuesdays at Heavitree Pleasure Grounds, 5 Whipton Lane, Exeter EX1 3DN.

We meet just inside the main gate on Whipton Lane. You’ll find us just on the right hand side.


When can I join?
You are welcome to join the class after your 6-week check (for vaginal delivery) or 12-week check (for Caesarean delivery), subject to completion of the online pre-screening health questionnaire. If you’ve had a Caesarean delivery, we may be able to accept you at 8 weeks but only with consent from your GP / midwife / health visitor.

I haven’t exercised in a long while. Is that OK?
Yes. You will work at a pace to suit you.

What do I need to wear?
You will need a good fitting sports bra and well-fitting trainers.

You’ll want to layer up so that you can remove layers if you get too warm.

Depending on the time of year, you may wish to wear sunscreen or carry a mac with you.

Please also ensure that baby is dressed appropriately and has a rain cover, sun shade or cosy toes as required.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring a picnic mat for floor exercises with you, as well as water to keep you hydrated during class. You may also wish to bring a healthy snack for afterwards.

Do I need to bring my baby?
If someone else is looking after your baby during this time, you are welcome to come on your own.

What kind of buggy is required?
Any type of buggy can be used.

What if I miss a class? Can I get a refund?
Classes are charged in blocks. Therefore, please note, classes are non-refundable if you miss a session.

Got further questions? Please contact Wendy at The FIT Movement here.