FIT | Mama Core Recovery

The 6-week foundation program to start your postnatal recovery journey

With all the AMAZING changes that your body’s experienced these past 9 months, you might also be feeling unsure what exercise is appropriate for where you’re at, together with what you should or shouldn’t do.

Some of the thoughts you might be having right now are:

  • How do I set about restoring my core and pelvic floor?
  • How do I work with my postnatal body to bounce back?
  • How do I get myself back to pre-pregnancy fitness levels so I can get back to the sports I love?
  • How will I do this when I’m so busy and tired right now?

And more importantly, where to begin so that you don’t just “go for it” (even though you possibly could). You want to avoid having to live with the lifelong consequences of too much, too soon – you know, those postnatal “delights” of unresolved abdominal separation, sneezy pees, unintentional leakage “down there” when you exercise or organ prolapse. Some of these things only really ever show up on full colour decades down the line.

What if you spent the first few (short) weeks getting some truly solid rehabilitation groundwork in place as a new mum from which you can continue to build up your strength and fitness to help you get back to what you love?

Enter the online FIT Mama Core Recovery program that will get your postnatal body stronger from the inside out

Just. Like. That.

Picture this:

  • Being able to restore your abdominal muscles + pelvic floor so that you are not having to worry so much about accidental small leaks when you laugh or cough
  • Getting your strength + fitness back in a safe way so that you feel confident you’re doing all you can to support your postnatal body so that you can ultimately get back to doing the sports you love (such as running, rowing, weight training)
  • Being able to pick your little one without permanent backache or wondering if you’re damaging yourself
  • Having more energy to better look after yourself and your family – raising babies is a demanding job
  • Knowing what nutritious meals you can prepare quickly to aid your postnatal healing
  • Being encouraged to take some time for restorative work (you’ve got permission!)
  • And me at your side to support you and make the process a lot easier (yes, please!)

Notice that I haven’t said a thing about getting the baby weight off and you back into your old pre-baby clothes?

Although that’ll come, that’s not the overriding focus of this program. If it’s important to you, then of course it’s important. But for now the focus is on postnatal recovery and healing – and to do this, we’re building a stronger mama – from the inside out.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve recently birthed your baby (whether vaginally or c-section) + want to improve your core connection + pelvic floor condition, as well as address those back, hip, knee + shoulder aches
  • You birthed your baby some time ago, but didn’t properly address your postnatal rehab at the time
  • You wish to heal your diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • You want to improve your “mum tum” but realise it’s going to require something different to abdominal “crunch” exercises and calorie restriction to achieve this
  • You experience urinary incontinence, such as sneezy pees, leak a little when laughing or running, or experience escaping wind at often the most embarrassing times + want to be confident about social situations
  • You are concerned about prolapse and wish to improve your symptoms but are not sure where to begin
  • You want to learn how to heal and protect your postnatal body not just now, but also for the longer term

What’s involved?

Stop wondering if heel slides and “squeeze + release” pelvic floor exercises are THE WAY to “close the gap” on abdominal separation and strengthen your pelvic floor… or whether you need to count or restrict calories to shift your “mum tum.”

This program will probably open your eyes as to all the things your postnatal recovery actually does need to include to get the job done.

Over the course of 6 weeks you’ll be:

  • Reconnecting with your core + pelvic floor (hello again!)
  • Building strength the smart way from the inside out
  • Learning how to breath optimally
  • Getting your body better aligned
  • Improving those functional movement patterns (such as squat, lunge, lift – in fact, all those things you’re probably already doing in everyday life, BUT BETTER)
  • Alleviating those aches and pains + begin toning

… all designed to set you up for a positive postnatal healing journey.

Plus, you’ll also learn about postnatal nutrition in order to optimise your results the easier way.

And…you’ll also reduce your risk of injury for when you’re ready to ramp up your fitness levels.

Wondering how this works?

Enrol in our online FIT Mama Core Recovery program and here’s what you get.

  • Personalised assessment of where you are in terms of postnatal healing. We’ll also consider your physical + emotional wellbeing as these are equally important to consider
  • 6 x 60 minute weekly sessions that are designed to build upon your postnatal recovery week on week
  • Short, safe, effective home workout program in between our sessions to enhance your results
  • Suggested quick-prepare plant-based meal ideas to help nourish your body and postnatal healing. (I mean, who really has hours to spare whipping up wholesome meals. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else?)
  • Access to our private Facebook group to inspire and support you, so if you hit a sticky patch we’ll help you get unstuck in a flash.
  • Forever access to all the course materials and videos of the exercises we do in class, plus other resources you can download via the course membership site.
  • Most importantly, an experienced postnatal coach to train you the right way so that you can get back to the things you love.

To ensure the best results for you, you’ll be expected to allow 15-20 minutes every day for the exercises, as well as look at ways to include the other learnings shared each week into your lifestyle so that over time they become habit.

Are you ready to:

  • Restore your core + pelvic floor properly that you minimise injury + support your postnatal rehab, not hamper it?
  • Feel empowered that you’re building up your postnatal strength + fitness in a safe + confident way?
  • Be stronger + fitter to improve your wellbeing?
  • Be more energised to help meet any of life’s little challenges that come your way?
  • Give yourself the healthiest start to your postnatal recovery?

How do I sign up?

The 6-week course runs half-termly. Please add your name to the waiting list here and we’ll contact you to let you know when the next course is scheduled.

Enrol Now

Would you like additional support while on the course?

Book a 1:1 appointment. Please note: only 1 appointment per course.

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Is this service right for me?

Book your free 15-minute discovery call to see if the FIT New Mama Postnatal Recovery program is the right postnatal support for you.

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I liked the relaxed, welcoming and friendly structure of the class and Wendy as a person. The course very beneficial and working with Wendy was enjoyable. I liked the videos to watch at home showing the exercises - I can check I'm doing thing properly.

The standard of information is really good - in depth but not over the top and easily understandable. The course was definitely worth the investment, you wont regret it and it can be applied to every aspect of life for the rest of your life!

Since starting the course, I am experiencing less pain. I've better movement patterns. I'm breathing properly. And no more leaky sneezes.

DanielleMum of 2, was experiencing pelvic floor weakness, back pain, SI joint pain and knew she needed some help.

The course was brilliant. I've never been on a formal exercise program so it was really interesting and fun to work through the releases and work outs from Wendy. I genuinely enjoyed all of it.

Wendy was really great - she is a total guru in her knowledge and is able to translate this to other people. She has a real gift of making the learning very accessible to non experts like me. Wendy has an immense knowledge around women's wellbeing and fitness. And she clearly embraces that in her personal life too.

I liked the fact that she took a holistic approach; how to apply this in all situations from how sitting on the toilet to pushing a pushchair can affect your overall well-being and health.

Since starting the course, I feel overall stronger, fitter and ready to make further improvement. I'm feel much better mentally too.

Heather, 41 Mum to a 9-month old


When can I start?

You can start as soon as you’ve been cleared for exercise by your healthcare provider (usually your G.P. or midwife), typically around the 6-8 weeks postnatal period. This is subject to completion of our online pre-screening health questionnaire.

What kit do I need?

You will need a resistance band and Pilates ball (around 18-25cm in diameter), plus exercise mat if you are working on a hard floor surface.

I don't have time.

I understand. I truly do, having been there myself. You’re a busy, new mum with a gazillion things to take care of and your tired on top. But, prioritising time for your own your self-care is important. When you have time for yourself, feel energised and ready to take on the day, you feel much stronger when it comes to taking care of those that need you most. These programs aren’t intended to leave you drained. They’re designed with you in mind and your current level of healing and fitness levels. All that’s required is you give each session your best effort on the day.

Will it work?

Good question. Results will depend on your individual circumstances. I will use my skill and experience to support you throughout, but I cannot do the work for you. Your results will depend on your genetics, starting point, how consistently you follow the program and your nutrition intake.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes, of course. Please note, baby remains mum’s responsibility and under mum’s supervision throughout the class.

What if I miss a session? Can I get a refund?

As this is a 6-week program, please note, sessions are non-refundable if you miss one. However, you will be sent any materials from the session.

Have further questions? Contact me and  I’ll happily answer them for you.

Meet Your Instructor

Founder and Director of the FIT Movement, mum of one and always up for a new physical challenge, since 2014 Wendy has dedicated her practice to working with pregnant, postnatal and peri-to-post- menopausal women. The FIT Movement’s purpose is to help women get curious about their health and to learn how to look after their bodies through education, good movement and nutrition. You can find out more about Wendy here.