FIT | Postnatal

Why join the FIT Postnatal Class?

I’m here to help clear up the confusion about what exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing in the early weeks + months after baby arrives.

I’m also here to support you as you return to exercise after giving birth.

Fitness can be tricky to manage after pregnancy. Finding time to take care of you once baby arrives is often bumped down the list of priorities.

But no more!

Led by an experienced, fully qualified pre + postnatal instructor, our FIT Postnatal Program is a specialised modern postnatal exercise program for mums wishing to exercise safely + effectively for their level of postnatal recovery.

Joining our friendly class can help you:

  • Enjoy some time for yourself
  • Return to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels
  • Get back into shape (on your terms – no rush)
  • Tone up + strengthen for all the lifting you’re going to be doing as a new mum
  • Perform core exercises safely to re-engage your abdominal + pelvic floor muscles – we’re a “crunch-free” zone!
  • Understand key nutrition for new mums
  • Meet other mums-to-be to make friends so that you’re part of a supportive community both now + when baby arrives

How is the FIT Postnatal Class different?

As with everything we create, this is a truly holistic postnatal program to serve new mums. It’s based upon The FIT Movement’s 4 integrated elements of flex, move, nourish + restore, which form the foundations of all of our programs.

Before your first session, you’ll be invited to a short telephone consultation so that we get to know you + understand your current postnatal needs + concerns.

We’ll also complete a FIT Mama Check at your first session to take a look at your breathing, posture, as well as tummy + pelvic floor. You’ll remain fully clothed for this.

This is an essential component of the program as it allows us to adapt exercises for you + provide further advice.

You’ll also receive a copy of our FIT Mama Post-Baby Nutrition Manual – “real life” nutrition for energy + health.

The FIT Mama Pregnancy Exercise Class includes:


  • Simple release + mobilisation techniques to help you relieve those aches + tension hotspots that you can also practise at home
  • Gentle but effective functional exercises that mirror your everyday movements to get you fitter + stronger for the job of motherhood
  • Protocols that help you develop an optimally integrated + functioning core + pelvic floor
  • Optimal nutrition strategies to aid postnatal recovery + healing to get you “match fit” for motherhood

We also share weekly postnatal tips + advice, as well as keep in contact with you via our Facebook group in-between sessions.

Looking for help specifically with diastasis healing + pelvic floor? Please contact us for further information.

What’s involved?

Each weekly session is 60 minutes and you’ll work at your own pace.

A typical session will include:

  • A gentle, but thorough, warm-up with mobilisation exercises so that you’re ready to exercise
  • A combination of cardio, resistance training + toning exercises for fat burning + to strengthen your body
  • Incorporation of appropriate abdominal + pelvic floor work for those essential muscles (For a specific pelvic floor class, please click here)
  • A thorough cool down to finish

Before training, you may wish to feed baby in case s/he becomes hungry, leaving you able to participate more in the session. Of course, if you need to tend to baby during class, please do.

Please also refer to the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

How do I sign up?

Please contact me for details of program prices.

Once you’ve made payment, you’ll be directed to the online pre-screening health questionnaire to complete to ensure that this program is right for you. This must be submitted before you attend the first session.

I will then confirm your space by email, and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time for your telephone consultation.

Is this service right for me?

Need some help to decide if this program is right for you? Schedule your complimentary 15-minute appointment.


When can I start?
You can start as soon as you’ve been cleared for exercise by your healthcare provider (usually your G.P. or midwife), subject to completion of the online pre-screening health questionnaire.

What do I need to wear?
You will need a good fitting sports bra and well-fitting trainers (a must!).

Depending on the weather, you’ll probably want to wear a comfortable t-shirt and either cycling shorts or cropped leggings, plus a top layer that can be removed as you warm up.

How long do I have to use the sessions?
You have one month from the date of purchase to begin your program.

You’ll get the best results if you can commit to a weekly session. However, things do crop up, so you have an 8-week period in which to use all sessions.

What if I need to cancel a session?
We ask for 24 hours notice of any cancellation and will look to re-book your missed session at a mutually convenient time as soon as possible.

Got further questions? Please contact Wendy at The FIT Movement here.